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the entrepreneur package


After years of watching his mom cook some of the most delectable and traditional Jamaican dishes imaginable —
Ray Simmonds decided to refine his own skills and began cooking to emulate his mother’s expertise in the kitchen. 

The result? A spectacular explosion of flavor that maintains the richness of the island’s most-popular dishes while fusing with some classic American ones.


Fast-forwarding to the present, Simmonds — acting on the overwhelming responses to his cooking from family and friends, in addition to numerous requests for his catering services — decided with the two women of his life (wife, Jacqueline, and daughter, Simone) — to open a family-style, dine-in Jamaican restaurant in downtown Fredericksburg called Pimenta.

Pimenta is expected to seat 64 diners and will also include a bar to treat patrons to tropical-island and local beverages.


the foundation

Through this brand, I wanted to create a design that was clean, minimal, yet still made a bold statement.


aligned design

To align the brand I also crafted social media graphics, a menu and brochure. 

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